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Get the best alternator repair or service at AA Electric, Inc. Over twenty years of experience.

If you are having issues with your vehicle starting, it could be that you need your starter or alternator repairs. Bring your auto over before it doesn’t start at all. We can do a quick diagnostic to see if it is a part of your starting system.


A few signs you might need a new alternator:

  • Warning light
  • Flickering lights
  • Your lights dim
  • Constant stalling
  • Dead battery
  • Other accessories not working

More things to look for

The issues mentioned above are clear signs of a bad alternator, but other things could be preventing the alternator from working properly. The first place to look is your engine belts. Second thing you should look and see if electrical connections to the alternator look good. Another thing to consider is if there are funny noises and smells.